Luxury Bathroom Ideas

How to create a spa sanctuary in your bathroom

Expert tips for that luxe hotel vibe

In our newly launched weekly video series from the team at Home Beautiful, we share our expert tips and tricks on creating a beautiful home. Today, we’re exploring how to get that luxuriously laid-back spa vibe in your bathroom – even if it doesn’t have epic proportions (or is shared with the whole family!)

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Home Beautiful’s Style editor Fiona Michelon turns her gaze to one of the hardest working rooms in the house, the bathroom, sharing her simple tips on turning even the most practical space into a sanctuary.

From how to get those towels fluffy, white and neatly folded to adding fragrant accessories that stimulate the senses, this video breaks it down for you. “With the right accessories, anyone can get that spa-like feeling in their bathroom,” says Fiona.

Research: Imogene Abady Presenter: Fiona Michelon Styling: Drew Lewis

Home Beautiful

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