Update your bathroom with HB’s 4 fave beauty essentials

Say hello to our new bathroom favourites that cleanse, buff, polish and beautify!

There’s many great perks to being a beauty editor. Apart from having a bathroom that permanently smells of heavenly scents, there’s a rainbow of the latest lippies, eye shadows and blushes, silky body creams and the latest high-performing anti-aging products to hit the shelves.

But the best bet, of course, is being able to try all these products and then impart our stellar finds and beauty tricks with readers.

Here, my friend, is our Home Beautiful beauty editor-approved essentials…

Rose quartz roller

One of our favourite beauty tools, the rose quartz roller has become a mainstay of our daily skin care regime – but it’s actually been a beauty ritual that dates back to 7th century China. So how does it work? You simply roll the rose-quartz roller over your skin gently, which promotes lymphatic drainage, improves circulation, helps stimulate cell turnover and boosts elasticity. The result, of course, is a brighter complexion, more youthful glow and healthier skin appearance, as well as less puffiness. Rose Quartz is a natural cold stone so every roller is unique in colour and shape. You can add a few drops of your favourite oil to your skin before rolling. Rose Quartz also corresponds to the heart chakra, which is the energy centre of love.

An antioxidant packed skincare regime

As we age our face shape changes (this change begins at around age 20), and how we care for our skin in the years prior to natural degeneration matters. This includes lifestyle choices – from our skincare regime and the products we use to the amount of sleep we get, stress, alcohol consumption, smoking, sun damage and free-radical exposure. 

This is why antioxidants are so important. And in particular, an antioxidant packed skincare regime is a must.  Antioxidants target free-radicals (free-radicals include pollutants and toxins such as dust, smog and cigarette smoke that all damage our skin cells and accelerate the aging process). And I can assure you, no Beauty Editor on this planet wants to accelerate the ageing process!

Look for skincare products packed with highly effective antioxidant Q10. The coenzyme Q10 fuels the production of energy in our cells and is an essential antioxidant that combats free-radicals both within and outside of the cells. Creatine is another powerful anti-aging antioxidant. Creatine provides an energy booster for the skin by helping it retain moisture, slowing down wrinkling and softening existing wrinkles. Together, coenzyme Q10 and creatine are a powerful formula that play an important part in cell renewal and the production of Collagen.

Try the NIVEA Q10 POWER range, which combines cell-active Q10 with ten times more creatine, increasing collagen by 24%** to reduce fine line and wrinkles. The range includes SPF 15 and 30 day creams to protect against sun-induced ageing, firming night cream, anti-wrinkle eye cream, pore refining cream and replenishing pearls leaving skin firmer, nourished, healthy and feeling good, while preventing fine lines and wrinkles.

Cream blush

For an instant radiant (and youthful) glow, get your paws on a cream blush! The new blends include luminous highlighters which reflect light and give a shimmery glow. Just dab a smidge of cream blush to the apples of your cheeks and rub in a circular motion (this will also get the blood flowing and create a healthy rosy glow – double bonus!).

Dry body brushing

We’ve all heard of the benefits of dry body brushing but sometimes – amidst life’s work/play/family/fun – it gets pushed to the bottom of our priority list. Hence why we have deliberately added it back to our essential list! The benefits to dry brushing are many and includes gently exfoliating surface dry and dead skin, increasing blood flow and circulation, which encourages collagen and cell renewal and thus, the production of healthy, plump new skin. Remember to dry brush in circular movements towards the heart (to increase and encourage blood flow around the body. Then shower off residual exfoliated skin and lather yourself in a nourishing shower cream or shower clay to boost moisture and finish your beauty regime.

*Creatine stimulates skin cell’s natural Collagen type I production by 24% in vitro

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