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Expert tips on achieving that luxe hotel bed at home

In our newly launched weekly video series from the team at Home Beautiful, we share our expert tips and tricks on creating a beautiful home. Today, it’s all about getting that crisp, considered hotel feel in the bedroom – and it’s all about the linen.

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Home Beautiful’s own Style Editor Fiona Michelon talks through the must-includes of the hotel bed – did you know there are at least three different types of pillows? – to the finishing touches that will make walking into your bedroom like checking into a hotel, every day of the week! Pure luxury.

“Styling the bed doesn’t have to be overwhelming,” says Fiona. “If you love this look, once you nail the key steps, anyone can do it”

Home Beautiful
(Credit: Home Beautiful)

Our favourite step is adding the final decorative touch – the beautiful Night Blue velvet Babylon Denim patterned cushions in the video were all discovered at Tara Dennis Store.

Research: Imogene Abady Presenter: Fiona Michelon Styling: Drew Lewis

For more tips on styling your home check out the video below:

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