Easy winter entertaining

5 ways to entertain with style
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Entertaining in winter is all about preparation. Plan ahead and set a warming scene to welcome guests into your home.

An impeccable host, HB creative & food director Imogene Abady loves to entertain during winter. However, with her cosy home in the NSW Southern Highlands blessedly removed from the hustle and bustle of the city shops, Imogene says the secret to her success lies in her behind-the-scenes planning to have everything at hand ahead of time. 

“I do a one-stop shop and then hibernate.”

Imogene Abady, HB creative & food director

Here are Imogene’s tips to entertaining with ease in winter:

1. Awesome cheese

“I love a triple cream brie and this serving it at room temperature to guests as a pre-dinner snack is sure to impress,” says Imogene.

Easy winter entertaining
(Credit: Chris Warnes)

2. Hearty soups

Homemade ahead of time or bought fresh and hearty in a pinch, a good quality soup shines with a quick stir through of creme fraiche and a topping of fresh herbs. Serve with crunchy bread, naturally.

Try our Quinoa and vegetable winter soup recipe

5 ways to entertain with ease
(Credit: Cath Muscat)

3. Pizza party

“I have three kids so weekends are frantic with sport, so I keep quality pepperoni and three-cheese mix in the freezer,” says Imogene. “That way they can make their own lunch but can also jazz them up to a gourmet level.”

Easy winter entertaining
Click for Barbecue meat lovers’ pizza recipe (Credit: Nicky Ryan )

4. Simple desserts

Always keep good quality icecream, sorbet and frozen berries on hand for a simple and delicious dessert. “I love a dessert, but if I’m pushed for time, I make a quick berry coulis,” says Imogene.

5. Lay a lovely table

“Nothing beats flowers and foliage from your own garden,” says Imogene of her ideal tabletop dressing. “It’s cheap, seasonal and when in doubt, use succulents.” 

Easy winter entertaining
(Credit: Chris Warnes)

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