How to perfect Mother’s Day brunch, according to Home Beautiful Editor-in-Chief Elle Lovelock

From the table decorations to the menu.
Elle Lovelock

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and for Home Beautiful Editor-in-Chief Elle Lovelock, this year’s celebrations will be particularly poignant as she patiently awaits the arrival of her first child. “Mother’s Day will be special for me,” Locklock shares, “and also for my mum, as my baby will be the first grandchild in the family. It’ll be so lovely adding another generation to our celebrations.”

Regardless of whether your family unit is conventional, unconventional or somewhere in-between, there’s always a reason to celebrate, says Lovelock: “I love that Mother’s Day is a time to focus on the women who care for us. To me, it’s not just about mothers in the traditional sense, but the aunts, friends and mothers of furbabies too. Being a mum can look very different from family to family.”

Given her position at the helm of Home Beautiful, it’s safe to say Elle knows a thing or two about entertaining. Speaking to the team at Winning Appliances, as part of the Nourish Design & Culinary Guide, she shares her tips for perfect this year’s Mother’s Day brunch.

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“I love that Mother’s Day is an occasion that involves sharing food with loved ones. Typically, my sister, mum and I will get together at one of our homes for brunch or afternoon tea. We much prefer this to going out to a restaurant, as it’s much more intimate. We set the table beautifully with our favourite tableware and prepare cakes and treats to have with tea and a glass of bubbles. There’s always a family recipe in there too. Our heritage is Dutch, so apple turnovers – or appelflappen – are a must!”

Set the scene

“I always pick a theme for styling the Mother’s Day table. A lovely thing to do is select one that represents your family. Our table usually involves some form of blue and white – again, the Dutch reference – but I like to change things up with accessories and flowers. This year I’m going for a mix of olive green foliage with soft pink, rich burgundy and pops of orange. It’s an autumnal floral look I like to spread out across different sized vases. Another fun thing to do is layer the table with candles and votives, even if it’s daytime.”

Curate a menu with visual appeal

“My ideal menu consists of cakes, tarts and pastries: I have a real sweet tooth! I try to have one main celebration cake as the centrepiece, up on a cake stand so it’s part of the table décor, then platters of other treats people can help themselves to. Since Mother’s Day lands in autumn, I try to go for seasonal flavours like apples and citrus. That way you know the food will taste its best.”

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