The foodie trend that’s taking over Instagram

You know more about this than you think
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We all know how hard it is to think of new food ideas to put in lunchboxes that are fun, healthy and nutritious for your kids. Even more difficult is getting them to eat it!

Perhaps we should be thinking outside the box? At least perhaps think in lots of little boxes. 

Parents have been encouraged fill lunchboxes with smaller portions of healthy foods, divided into snack-sized portions, with Crunch and Sip campaigns in public schools across the country. Introduced to ‘refuel’ children by eating vegetables or fruit and drink water during class time, it boosts their energy levels and teaches kids about healthy snack choices.


Perhaps unexpected was the new trend that’s sweeping across kitchen benches and lighting up our screens as parents proudly display their fruity, cheesy, crispy, crunchy works of art.

And the kids? They’re falling all over these culinary creations.

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