6 ways to style your bedside like an expert

For an Insta-worthy effect

Your bedside table is the space in a bedroom that hides untapped styling potential. More often than not, this area becomes overcrowded with miscellaneous items and decorative touches become long forgotten.

There’s no right way to style a bedside table but you can make optimal use of the space with these expert design tips.

1. Work in groups of three

“When styling bedsides, I like to work in groups of three,” says Brisbane based stylist and interior designer, Tahn Scoon. “Start with your tallest piece and finish with your shortest. An example might be a tall lamp grouped with a smaller vase of foliage and an even smaller alarm clock.”

2. Get the height right

As a general rule of thumb, Tahn says your bedside should be roughly the same height as the top of your mattress, and lamp height approximately the same height as your bedhead. This creates helps the room feel orderly.

3. Keep it practical

Remember to consider the balance between functionality, convenience and aesthetic – no matter if it’s a master bedroom or a guest bedroom. “Whilst it’s nice to make your bedside look gorgeous, always leave some empty space for practical use, such as somewhere to place a cup of tea,” adds Tahn.

4. Light it up

Table lamps are often the primary item on a bedside, and Sydney interior designer Lisa Santamaria of Santamaria Design believes the right one can define the style of your bedroom.

“These days there are endless lamp bases and shades to choose from,” says Lisa. “From natural timbers and linen shades for that coastal feel, ceramic and iron bases for more of a Hamptons look teamed, with larger fabric shades or crystal bases for a more traditional look.”

“Look around your garden and use foliage you can access easily. It’s a way to bring nature inside.” Lisa Santamaria

5. Add fresh flowers

Lisa believes having something fresh can enliven the whole room. “A small vase of fresh flowers for colour and a feel-good smell can pretty up a room in no time.”

 6. Include personal touches

For a touch of personalisation, Lisa suggests having some books to make the bedroom feel more inviting. This adds another layer without feeling too contrived. “Let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good book to snuggle up with at night!”

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