Kmart has collaborated with a First Nations artist to create this homewares range

Wiradjuri artist Judith Young’s work celebrates her family and heritage.

In an exciting first for the business, Kmart has launched the Waluwin Collection of homewares, in partnership with renowned First Nations artist, Judith Young. Her stunning designs grace a range of affordable pieces, including serving ware, pots, bedlinen, candles and a canvas print. 

Kmart Waluwin indigenous art homewares collection
Wiradjuri artist Judith Young’s work references nature and connection to country. “The collection is about covering yourself in a healthy way of living, from what you eat, drink, wear, and sleep under,” says Judith. (Credit: Image: Supplied)

Homewares collection pays tribute to family and nature

With the debut of the collection, Judith hopes to inspire a deeper connection to country, promote good health and pay homage to her parents, who passed down their creative gifts.

Having grown up on the Sandhills along the Murrumbidgee River in Narrandera, her mother, Judith Williams (nee Johnson), was a watercolour artist and her father, Kevin Williams, was a boomerang and artefact maker. “I always remember going back to Narrandera and how Mum spoke about the beautiful wattle trees which bring yiing (joy) to the soul,” says Judith.

Portrait of First Nations artist Judith Young
“A lot of our mob positively connect and shop at Kmart around Australia, so to have the opportunity to work with them on this collection will have an impact on family across Victoria, regional New South Wales, Sydney, Darwin and Adelaide,” says Judith. (Credit: Image: Supplied)

Waluwin means healing and good health

Waluwin is the Wiradjuri word for healing and good health, symbolised by the leaves Judith has used throughout the artwork. “Each leaf represents something different,” explains Judith. “Many Aboriginal people around this country will all have different varieties of plants and trees that they use to make them well and that is part of the diverse story we have as Aboriginal people.

“From this collection, I want people to know my work is about health, healing, joy and peace, speaking to the importance of healthy minds, bodies and spirit. This comes from connecting with country, eating well and listening to your surroundings.” 

Framed print by artist Judith Young, available at Kmart
The Waluwin framed canvas by Judith Young, $29, is available at Kmart. (Credit: Image: Supplied)

A true collaboration between Judith Young and Kmart

While it was a challenge at first for Judith to work with a big company and step out of her comfort zone, the development of the collection was a true collaborative process from the get-go.

Judith sat down with Kmart’s Indigenous Affairs Manager and the Kmart design team to teach them about icons and elements, family traditions, the importance of certain colours and markings, as well as showing them tangible items she had sourced from her country. The story behind each design and its connection to the land was truly understood and represented in the product.

“I felt respected and know that my story and that of my family has been honoured,” says Judith.   

Judith’s wish is that, through this collection, everyone will have an opportunity to bring Waluwin into their home. Browse the full collection here.

Kmart Waluwin homewares collection candles
“It was a new experience for me, working with a big company and a challenge at first. The design team had respect not just for the image but the story and helped make it an easier process,” says Judith. (Credit: Image: Supplied)

Our picks from the Judith | Kmart Waluwin collection

Kmart Waluwin homewares collection
Clockwise, from top left: Waluwin oval platter, $12, Waluwin extra large tea towels, $12 (for a pack of 3), Waluwin serving tray, $29, 500ml Waluwin double-wall insulated bottle with handle, $12. In centre: Waluwin pot in Sage, $12 (Credit: Images: Supplied)

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