Think some of your decorating ideas are a little crazy? This is next level!

Décor Hardcore: perhaps it's right up your alley?
Décore Hardcore

Décor Hardcore is not for the faint-hearted. Creative directors of interiors, events and product design, this is one design house where you need to be aligned with their style and look before you leap.

Describing their creative manifesto as “Emotional Furniture, Décor & More”. It’s provocative, outlandish and sometimes downright crazy. That said, there is actually some great design at work here that takes a trained eye to execute.

Here are our top 10 picks from their Instagram account:

1. Did somebody say marble is on trend?

2. Psychedelic swirls – how to walk in a straight line?!

3. The Little Mermaid

4. Dr Zhivago meets P. Diddy 

5. Pink, on pink, on pink, on pink. Now that’s how to work texture and materials to make a colour do all the talking

6. A dream oasis, and don’t think it’s an accident that the blue murals match the pool

7. OK, let’s talk about texture and pattern (but perhaps when you’re at the bottom of the stairs…)

8. We think this is actually a good hair (chair) day

9. Columns indoors? This takes some skill to carry off successfully

10. It’s not easy being green

And now for a little lie down…..


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