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Your wine cellar dreams just came true

It’s luxe Lego for wine lovers!
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There’s a reason winemakers have been digging vast tunnels beneath the earth for centuries to store wine in great casks and row-upon-row of bottles. It takes little more than too much light, heat or movement to affect storage life and quality of bottled wine.

Including a wine cellar in your home may seem like an extravagance, but if you’re serious about your wine you’ll know that it’s not hard to damage the life – and therefore enjoyment – of a good bottle. If your property is a little short on underground tunnels however, having a wine fridge is usually the next best thing.

One step further is a walk-in cellar, which is now available in modular units from leaders in domestic cellars, Vintec. Delivered to your door in flatpack form and with capacities ranging from 600 to 4000 bottles, it’s like luxe Lego for winelovers – easy to assemble freestanding or built-in to fit your space – anywhere, from the penthouse apartment to the basement.

Your wine cellar dreams just came true
(Credit: e&s)

What we love:

  • An entire cellar delivered as flatpacks – yes please!
  • Temperature, humidity and airflow are all controlled
  • Wines are protected from light damage and vibrations

Whilst building the ultimate wine cellar right in your own home comes at a premium – pricing starts from $16,998 which, let’s face it could probably fly you to Champagne and back first class… but, hey! You can’t bring it home with you.

We’ll drink to that!

Visit e&s for more information.

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