Small Laundry Ideas

4 tiny laundries that work

Think you’ve got no space for a laundry? Think again.
Brigid Arnott

Making the most of your available space in the laundry is the key to it working efficiently for you.  Here are four cases where a little goes a long way.

1. All white

This tiny corner has packed in all the essentials but with a monochromatic colour palette, it appears larger than it is. A mixer tap with retractable head save space and works double duty above a narrow laundry tub for soaking. This is cleverly under-mounted in the marble benchtop that stretches across both washing machine and dryer to maximise bench space. An overhead cupboard keeps washing powder and other laundry essentials within easy reach, whilst a cupboard beneath the sink hides a host of cleaning products, rags and buckets.

4 tiny laundries that work | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Sue Stubbs)

2. Clean and green

This laundry has been custom built with cabinetry along one wall under a window for best use of available space. The real secret however is in taking full advantage of the depth on offer, providing for a generous benchtop. Plenty of space either side of the sink has ample room for baskets and sorting atop front-loading washing machine and dryer. The ceramic butler-style sink is set lower into the benchtop to easily admit buckets and tubs. Hands-free tap operation provides efficiency and a tall cupboard at the end corrals ironing board, brooms, mops and buckets.

A crisp apple green paint finish on cabinetry keeps the look fresh, no matter how much washing may build up.

4 tiny laundries that work | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: John Downs)

3. Triple duty

This laundry doubles as a powder room and butler’s pantry so the wide sink also serves as vanity for an adjacent guest bathroom. The efficient layout incorporates a mirror above the sink and storage overhead for supplies to aid all three functions of kitchen, laundry and bathroom.

4 tiny laundries that work | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Marcel Aucar)

4. Reflected glory

Shiny mosaic tiles bounce light into this tiny space to avoid it feeling pokey. Front-loading appliances are stacked vertically next the sink and deep, generous drawers make the best use of space beneath. A towel rail is mounted within the recess, meaning the whole setup can be hidden behind folding doors when not in use.

4 tiny laundries that work | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Brigid Arnott)

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