20 homewares for a Hamptons-inspired home

Take your home to the East Coast holiday haven with these heavenly homewares.
Elouise Van Riet-Gray

Hamptons interior style is one of the most popular design aesthetics for Australian homes, for good reason. It’s light, bright and airy and is perfect in an Australian setting and climate, particularly for those of us with homes located near the coast. The resort-like aesthetic is easy-going but delivered in a classic and sophisticated way.

If you’re looking to bring a fresh Hamptons breeze into your home, the first place to start is the walls. Don’t be afraid of white, white and more white, and maybe a touch of grey. From there, build on coastal tones and hues and introduce touches of rattan, wicker, linen textiles and silver accents. To get you started, we’ve found the quintessential homewares you’d find in the grand Hamptons holiday houses on the United States’ east coast.

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