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6 sneaky powder room ideas we found on Pinterest

Powder rooms are the new must-have space in a home renovation.
Sue Stubbs

A wonderful convenience and a game-changer for the comfort and efficiency of the modern family home, a powder room is featuring on renovation plans more and more frequently.

More than that, with the rise in popularity of such a small space to use as a bathroom, there are plenty of small bathroom ideas to steal for layout, efficiency and design you may not have thought of!

We’ve rounded up a bunch of inspirational examples from Pinterest for you to ponder.

1. All white and tight

This is a tiny space but painting it all white makes it look bigger. The choice of a narrow, wall-hung basin takes up as little room as possible and doesn’t encroach on the limited circulation space. The basin also has a ledge at the back to accommodate soap and a floral touch.

2. Dark and moody

The marble vanity in this powder room makes clever use of the recess by having been custom designed to fit the space. Large format marble slabs extend to the full width, giving the illusion of more space and the splashback in the same finish adds drama without introducing another surface to complicate things. The flooring picks up dark colours in the marble against a light off-white base and dark wall paint creates intimacy.

3. Sophisticated monochrome

Black tells the story here in the tiles, door and tapware, with natural timber in the vanity adding warmth against the classic botanical wallpaper pattern. A round mirror takes advantage of smaller wall space and centres the focus above the basin to create a triangle – mimicked in the tapware. The lower shelf, whilst simple is both functional and visually substantial.

4. Tiny bathroom ideas

Smaller still, this could be a cupboard and is a great example of how to fit a powder room into an unused space under the stairs or at the end of a hall. Taking the tiles from the floor right up to the ceiling provides for a splashback, subtle styling and visually elongates the area upwards.

5. Under the stairs

The careful layout makes this powder room under the stairs work beautifully. Two types of tiling add interest with minimal interruption – the white butler’s tiles make the width of the room appear larger, whilst the tiny scale of the marble mosaics almost recedes with their quiet pattern. An oval mirror adds height and the piece de resistance is the matte black wall scone that uses full height at the apex of the wall and echoes the finish of the tapware.

6. Secret entrance

Utterly elegant, this powder room is hidden behind a door that disappears into integrated timber screening. Opening inwards for prime space-saving and functionality, the interior reflects its surroundings with black mosaics tiles from floor to ceiling, wrapping down to larger floor tiles that barely register to the eye. A slimline mirror reflects light into the space and the floating marble basin hovers above discreet timber drawers for storage.

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