These are the trends for Christmas 2018, according to Pinterest

From food and festive decorations to drinks

Christmas is a special time of the year. It only comes around once every 12 months, and for those of us who revel in festive cheer, picking out the perfect Christmas decorations to deck the halls is a carefully considered job indeed.

The idea is to balance traditional Christmas elements with new trends and contemporary styling, for food, decorations and beyond. Pinterest is one of the best resources for researching trends that are gaining momentum, as well as looking for ideas and recipes. In fact, there are more than 235 million boards created on Pinterest dedicated to festive planning. Here’s what’s taking off this holiday season.

These are the most popular trends for Christmas decorations in 2018. Let them inspire and inform your Christmas décor scheme this year.

Fairy lights

Asymmetrical holiday wreath

Creative table napkins

Glass bottle candle holders

Upcycled ornaments

Christmas tree collars

Marbled ornaments

Leaf place cards

Zero waste gift wrapping

These are the top ‘tried’ festive recipes on Pinterest, and will provide you with endless inspiration for new recipes that feel festive, but are more contemporary than traditional.

Dutch apple pie

Christmas tree spinach breadsticks

Apple cream cheese rose tarts

Apple cream cheese rose tarts

Homemade pumpkin pie

Soft gingerbread cookies

These are the most popular festive cocktail batches on Pinterest right now. Make a pitcher so you don’t have to man the bar all night.

Peach and spiced rum iced tea

Rockmelon, lemon and gin slushies

Ginger beer with lime batch cocktail

Cider-based cocktail jug

Christmas Day punch

Santa Claus punch

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