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House Rules: The work begins

And who gets the bonus rule?

The first team renovation starts with a mission to transform a lad pad into a love nest.

Now that the teams know what they’re competing for, who will have the best competitive edge? 

After the auction house renovation on House Rules, the teams have moved on to renovating one-another’s homes now with Adelaide the first stop. Jess and Jared’s house is a true “lad pad” and to say it needs a lot of work is an understatement!

Jared bought the house 2 years ago and moved in with a couple of buddies – it’s now “basically a run-down bachelor pad,” with blocked plumbing, a leaking roof and unsightly mould in many of the rooms.

A nervous Jared handed over the keys, the ex-pro footballer saying he was more terrified than when playing AFL in front of a packed stadium. Currently “A bit of a boys’ pad,” Jared says he and Jess are, “Ready for the next stage of our lives,” and will move into the renovated home together.

Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
Toad & Mandy’s Master bedroom in the Auction house

We’re excited about all the great renovation ideas coming from the teams. Jess and Jared are looking forward to a complete home makeover.

Jess & Jared’s House Rules:

  1. Bring New York to the burbs with warehouse style
  2. Colour with dark green and pale pinks
  3. Find iconic b&w photography
  4. Do something different with feature walls in every room
  5. Flow timber and brick throughout

Deliberating the rules and how they’d like to see them executed, judges LLB, Wendy and Drew spoke of the potential pitfalls is using iconic photography and feature walls in the same breath.

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The judges agreed the risk of both the feature wall the iconic photography rule being over done, with LLB asking, “Where does icon stop and cliche start?”

House Rules 2018 - Adelaide reno | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
Laurence Llewelyn Bowen

“The disaster will be if they focus entirely on the theme and forget about making a nice space to be in.”

Laurence Llewelyn Bowen

Kiara and David, with the Entry, master bedroom zone are opting to take on the challenge to custom make an industrial style oversized barn door and struggling to make their king sized bedhead fit into their oversized feature wall.

Toad & Mandy, are as with any bathroom renovation, juggling measurements to fit all of their plumbing and fixtures within the ensuite space in a workable layout.

Josh & Brandon are taking on the Hallway & Kitchen and planning a big-city splashback… The brothers have concerned Carolyn with their choice of an Adelaide skyline image, rather than the iconic city of New York. They’ve also now been drawn out of the hardhat to take on the extra challenge of the Bonus Room, which comes with its own House Rule: Make an epic space for footy and film

With the Laundry and beauty room to makeover, Kim & Michelle are excited about a stunning pale pink armchair Michelle found to drive the colour palette for Jess’s beauty room.

Elsewhere in the house more than one of the teams are exposing the brick walls beneath the plaster to hit the House Rule of “Bring New York to the burbs with warehouse style”.

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