Washing machine 101: What you need to know before washing your clothes

We share all the things you’ve ever wanted to know but never asked
Armelle Habib

While washing machines have many cycles, somehow we always end up using the same two. If you have ever wondered what the other cycles are for, what temperature to wash certain fabrics, or what should be separated or turned inside out, we’ve got you covered. 



Keep delicate items separate from coarse fabrics to prevent abrasion, and light colours in a different wash to dark colours to prevent bleeding and staining. LG’s TwinWash solution has two separate washer components, a main 16kg washer/9kg dryer combo and a mini 2.5kg cold-water only pedestal washer for small specialty loads, so you can do two loads at the same time for different wash requirements. The dual laod washer is great for separating different fabrics as you can pop your delicate items in the small washer and all your bulky sheets and towels in the main washer. Turn delicates inside out and use garment bags to protect them from damage.


Hot water is ideal for killing germs and dust mites but can also cause shrinking and fading in certain fabrics. Use hot water for bath towels, sheets and other bedding, kitchen towel and dish rags, heavily soiled items such as work-clothes, sturdy fabrics like cotton shirts, cloth diapers, cleaning cloths and items with grease or oil stains.

Warm water is best for dark colours if the item doesn’t bleed, synthetic fibres and moderately soiled items.

Cool water should be used for delicate items like silk, wool and lace, any item where the dye might run or bleed, protein-based stains such as blood or dairy-based stains and lightly soiled clothes.

Main Washer Wash cycles

  • Cotton. For washing cotton garments.
  • Speed Wash & Dry. For lightly soiled items which are dried after.
  • Rinse & Spin. For preventing fresh stains setting on garments.
  • A high temperature wash for bedding and kitchen cloths.
  • Allergy Care. A high temperature wash to kill allergens.
  • Refresh. A steam wash for heavily stained, coarse fabrics.
  • Baby Care. Ideal for babywear.
  • Bedding Care. A vigorous, high temperature wash for sheets, and blankets etc.
  • Sports Wear. A vigorous, high temperature wash for sports fabrics such as coolmax, Gore-tex, fleece and Sympatex.
  • Duvet. Unique washing motion to prevent duvet clumping.
  • Wool. For wool garments.
  • Cold Wash. Low temperature setting for lightly soiled items or delicate garments.
  • Downloaded. Cycles that are downloaded by user.

Mini Washer

  • Light soil. For moderately clean items.
  • Speed Wash. A quick cycle for lightly soiled garments.
  • Hand Wash. A gentle wash ideal for delicates such as silk and lace.
  • Active Wear. A more vigorous cycle for moderately dirty items.
  • Rinse & Spin. For preventing fresh stains setting on garments.
  • Tub Clean. Clean the machine.


Choose a machine with multi-motion washing as this moves water in various directions and with different amounts of force to apply the appropriate level of cleaning to the clothes. LG’s TwinWash machine also comes with TrueSteamTM, which is a feature that uses steam to help with a more thorough clean. Divide your laundry into large or small loads by using the washer that best suits the task you need to conquer! If you need a washing machine that gets you, can do two loads at once, gently clean your delicates but also wash your jeans, and can self-diagnose if any problems arise, the LG TwinWash machine is your best solution.

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