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Before and after kitchen renovations Part 3: The big reveals

Recreate this designer kitchen on a budget
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This suburban Melbourne kitchen – circa 1980s – had cooked up more than a few meals over the years! But alas, after 40 years of pancake flipping, Sunday roasts and icing on the cakes, this kitchen had sizzled its last sausage. It was time for a revamp.

Here, Kaboodle kitchen’s Marketing Manager, Lisa Mayski, explains the design features that transformed this tired space into a modern, affordable and functional kitchen. 

The goal

Lisa says the home owner felt that her kitchen was dated, dark, lacked storage and was not particularly welcoming. “She wanted the new kitchen to be highly functional as well as sophisticated, light and stylish with an inviting look and feel,” says Lisa.
“She also wanted to create a kitchen that was ideal for entertaining while maximising the semi-compact space.”

Renovation reveal
(Credit: Client supplied)

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The kitchen design features

Large island benches

While the original U–shape kitchen layout was functional, keeping the kitchen contained the homeowner wanted to open the space up to create greater accessibility.

“Islands are a great design feature in a kitchen when space allows for it, and tick many boxes,” explains Lisa. “They increase your benchtop space (especially appliance free islands) and increase storage space too with the addition of extra cabinetry,” says Lisa. “They also look great and make a real statement, creating a gathering point in the kitchen – perfect for entertaining.

Island benches provided added storage and functionality
(Credit: Client supplied)

Finishing touches

Eighties beige and brown with pine and laminate finishes … yes, we’ve all been there. Of course this look was the kitchen trend du jour of the 80s. Today, however, the finishing options vary wildly, from aluminium panels to solid colours, textured surfaces, raw timbers and yes, you can event paint your finishes yourself!

 “DIY renovators can choose from a range of affordable designer looks with quality finishes for cabinetry and benchtops – durable laminate surfaces offer affordable stone-inspired, wood grain and marble-look options, presenting as budget-friendly solutions that add visual interest to the space,” explains Lisa.

“In this kitchen, the stone-inspired biancoccino matt laminate benchtop looks so sophisticated, adds a touch of luxe with its anti-fingerprint technology and works beautifully when paired with the textured tones of the provincial white cabinetry,” says Lisa. “The heritage profile featured, complete with the deep grooves works to create a traditional appeal as well as adding an element of depth to the design.”

Quality finishes complete the new look
(Credit: Client supplied)

Getting a handle on things

Don’t underestimate the humble handle! “You can accessorise your kitchen with kitchen handles. Whether you’re after a classic, provincial or modern look, focusing on this element can make a big difference visually,” says Lisa. In this kitchen, mushroom knob handles in brushed nickel create that perfect finishing touch to the space.  If you prefer a handle-less look (check out our country makeover video), Kaboodle also offers push-to-open hardware and finger pull doors for a clean, minimalist aesthetic.

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Door handles are a great accessory
(Credit: Client supplied)

Space savers

The original kitchen had a reasonable amount of space, but maximising storage and minimising clutter is never a bad thing!

“A kitchen can never have too much storage!” says Lisa.  “Savvy storage solutions are always on trend when it comes to a good kitchen design. Using cabinetry in smart ways, like in this kitchen, can create a modern look without compromising space.”

“Cabinetry can also incorporate clever internal storage options too, such as pullout baskets and wireware, which can help to compartmentalise the space, adding that extra element of organisation and convenience while maintaining easy access for everyday essentials.”

Savvy storage solutions for organisation and convenience
(Credit: Client supplied)

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