Bathroom transformation: Nature’s own

Floor-to-ceiling timber links this serene bathing haven to the great outdoors
Fraser Marsden

An emphasis on simplicity and natural materials infuses this wet room-style bathroom with the tranquil air of a remote eco retreat. Sliding glass doors that open onto the back garden are all that separates the bathroom from the outside world. “I didn’t want to create a typical tile-dominated bathroom, so I introduced timber boards to relax the space and link the inside and outside,” says architect Michael Baker, who chose a dark-stained cedar to match the home’s exterior. 

(Credit: Fraser Marsden)

The stone-composite bath introduces another natural material and its organic shape ties in nicely with the room’s theme. Recessing the vanity, towel rails and shower enclosure makes the bath the focal point and gives the impression of the ultimate luxury – space. “The common problem of fixtures projecting into the room, creating awkward corners, has been dealt with by recessing them out of the way, giving you room to move around the bath,” Michael explains. Large grey floor tiles anchor the look and add another layer of texture.

(Credit: Fraser Marsden)

EXPERT TIP: Wall-mounting tapware is a space-saving device that delivers a neat and stylish look.

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