Bathroom style: Turkish delight

Less is more in this Middle Eastern-inspired bathroom, where a minimalist design evokes an exotic brand of elegance
John Downs

Not all bathrooms summon a sense of escapism as successfully as this Turkish bathhouse-inspired space. The room’s edgy rawness, in fact, belies its highly considered design.

The mirror’s wide frame doubles as a display shelf above the vanity. (Credit: John Downs)

Concrete-look waterproof epoxy liquid resin coats every surface, including the ceiling and built-in sunken bath. The resin transformed the bathroom into a full wet zone, so there’s no need for a shower curtain or any kind of panel.

In keeping with the minimal design scheme, cabinetry is non-existent, sleek tapware is unobtrusive and the limestone Omvivo washplane has an air of understated modernity.

A rattan peacock chair and vibrant lanterns add to the bathroom’s exotic allure. (Credit: John Downs)

A decadent sunken bath elevates a bathroom, taking it from standard to sublime in an instant.

A rustic timber plinth below the vanity keeps towels, candles and bath salts in easy reach. (Credit: John Downs)

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