Coastal Bathroom Ideas

7 ways to make a stylish and functional kid-friendly beach house bathroom

From bold tiles to matte finishes, we’ll help you get the look that's both beautiful and kid-approved
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Just because it’s built for the whole family, doesn’t mean your bathroom should look like the kid’s playroom. Creating a bathroom that’s fit for the troops with a luxury coastal look is easier said than done. But never fear, we’re here to make your dreams a reality, as we did for Saul Myers in his seaside beach shack.

Functional finishes

When it comes to your finishes, matt is a must in communal bathrooms. Tiles and natural cabinetry are not only practical, but they are also easy to clean, and best of all they won’t show grubby little fingertips. Which is why Saul choose stone tops and basins in his Morrocan inspired family bathroom.

Trusted tapware

Even though it’s built for the kids, you don’t need to sacrifice style in your family bathroom. Keep the style consistent and cohesive throughout all of your bathrooms, by using tapware from the same collection, then simply add personality and style with different finishes for each room. For example, Saul used the Caroma’s Contura tapware collection in his bathrooms selecting the matt black finish for the kid’s bathroom that went perfectly with his Moroccan theme and chrome to reflect beachside luxury in the master ensuite. 

Caroma's luxury bathroom fittings and fixtures

Savvy storage

When it comes to any bathroom, storage is key. For your family bathroom make your storage solutions so simple that the kids can get involved. Baskets are the perfect alternative to easily store back-up towels and dirty laundry – that doesn’t need to be folded in perfect Marie Kondo style. And for the rest? Make the most of hidden storage solutions like mirrored cabinets and deep vanity draws, with soft closes.

Divine design

With so many people using one space it is important to map out your bathroom perfectly. Make sure there are accessible zones to cater to multiple users at a time. For example, create a “wet zone” for the kiddies to have some space to dry off after getting out of the bath or shower and a “dry zone” for changing and teeth brushing. This will help prevent potential slips and falls and make your bathroom less of a war zone.

Bold and beautiful

Add a splash of colour and fun to your family-friendly space with a bold feature tile. Plus, they’re also great at disguising mess. Saul’s Moroccan tiles created the perfect building block for his family bathroom which is both fun and stylish. If you’re stuck on choosing the right bathroom tile, check out our simple guide for the perfect tile for your space.

Monochrome movement

When choosing the theme of your room opt for something with more of a monochromatic color scheme, this means it can be easily updated as the kids get older. Plus, it will also increase the longevity of your room as you can simply change up the towels, add in glassware, art and other accessories for a quick and cost-effective refresh.

Future-proof features

When initially drawing up the plans for your bathroom reno it’s important to keep future buyers in mind, even if it is further down the track. Changing the configuration of a bathroom is a costly exercise, that you want to do well, once. Think about your layout but also the key features of a bathroom. Baths, for example, are an attractive feature for prospective young families with toddlers and young kids which will instantly boost the resale value of your home.

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