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How to make timber work in the bathroom

Looking for some texture to soften the edges in your bathroom? Try timber...
Martina Gemmola

Decorating a bathroom presents plenty of challenges with most of the options for fixtures and finishes being hard, often reflective surfaces. Introducing natural materials including timber into your decorating scheme goes a long way in terms of style and texture contrast.

1. Bathroom vanity

Timber bathroom finishes
Take it to the limit (Credit: Chris Warnes)

Central to any successful layout, a bathroom vanity is a perfect place to introduce timber. This clever design uses all of the available space along one wall to extend the line of the solid timber vanity, adding visual interest and elegant open storage. Timber-look floor tiles tie in nicely.

2. Timber Accessories

Timber in the bathroom
It’s never too late (Credit: Derek Swalwell)

If your bathroom renovation is nearing completion or you are looking to introduce natural timber to an all-white scheme whilst avoiding direct contact with wet areas, accessories are a good place to start. This chunky wooden stool serves as a handy bath table, seat and decorative accent, whilst the bath caddy remains sleek and practical.

3. Use timber for more than one finish

Timber vanity
Group time (Credit: Martina Gemmola)

Grouping items with timber finishes together in a space works to create a stronger impact. This custom vanity unit is a fresh take on the standard cabinetry and provides colour, pattern and texture cues echoed in the mat beneath and is anchored by the wall mounted mirror directly above. A wooden peg supporting the pendant light adds a nice detail.

4. Paint it white

White timber bathroom
White out (Credit: Derek Swalwell)

Whilst a natural timber finish may not suit everyone’s style, timber touches can still give a high quality effect when painted out to the rest of the colour scheme, as in this coastal bathroom (above). Accented by the stone top, this timber vanity provides acoustic benefits and optimum storage, whilst a smooth and stylish ladder presents towels within easy reach.


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