Create a bathroom that will age gracefully

If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, the new Selleys White For Life Tiling system can help
Derek Swalwell

When it comes to your bathroom renovation, the elegant and timeless look of white remains as popular as ever – it delivers a clean, fresh, timeless look, and will even help to create the illusion of space. But for all the time spent choosing the perfect tile shape and shade of white, there’s one detail that’s often given just a moment’s thought that will nevertheless play a major role in your bathroom’s look down the track – and that’s grout.

While your white bathroom might appear pristine and perfect when it’s new, grout can make the room appear dated in a mere matter of months, thanks to its tendency to discolour. This is a frustration of many homeowners who’ve invested a great deal of time and money in their renovation, only to be left disappointed by discoloured grout and a bathroom that requires endless scrubbing and cleaning.


The good news is there’s a straightforward solution that can help you achieve a beautifully white bathroom that stays that way. New Selleys White For Life is a tiling system designed to make the installation process simple and ongoing maintenance a breeze.


(Credit: Selleys)

The system includes highly flexible and fast-setting adhesives formulated with the whitest materials to secure your tiles. There’s a range of grout options to choose from, and a sealer that penetrates and seals the grout for easier ongoing cleaning, while the silicone resists yellowing, staining and blackening, and comes with a five-year mould-resistance guarantee. The specially formulated tile and grout cleaner makes it easier to remove soap scum build up and leaves a protective, water-repellent barrier that protects against future build-up of soap scum and mould.


From start to finish through your renovation and beyond, Selleys White For Life has everything you need to create a bathroom that will remain brilliantly white – without rigorous cleaning. Whether youre doing your own renovation, or calling in the experts, Selleys White for Life is the ideal choice to get the job done right.

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