The one thing almost everyone forgets to clean

And there's nowhere to hide.
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Fingerprints, hairspray, beauty products, smudges and smears. When was the last time you cleaned your bathroom mirror?

Mirrors are not just practical – they make a wonderful decorative addition to your home, reflecting light and space to make a room appear larger. An oversized mirror makes a statement, while an ornate mirror can stamp a particular style on your decor. This is especially true in the bathroom, where the right choice of a mirror can elevate a space from functional to fabulous!

Unless spruced up as part of your regular cleaning routine, on the other hand, a dirty mirror can make the wrong impression altogether. Often left overlooked when giving the bathroom a once-over on cleaning day, here’s a quick lesson on how to clean your bathroom mirror in a jiffy.

Your vanity mirror is the eyes to your bathroom. Make it sparkle!
Arch-you-glad you didn’t forget?! (Credit: Armelle Habib)

How to clean your bathroom mirror

  1. First, dust your mirror all over with a microfibre cloth. Remember to dust the frame too
  2. If your mirror is on the front of a shaving cabinet, open and wipe the cabinet frame
  3. Give your microfibre cloth a good shake outside to remove as much dust as possible
  4. Spray the microfibre cloth with your favourite window cleaner – be it natural, homemade or a supermarket brand
  5. Wipe your mirror with the dampened cloth from top-to-bottom in an “S” pattern, then repeat
  6. Wipe over with a clean lint-free cloth

That’s it!

Tip: keep a clean microfibre cloth handy hidden in your bathroom vanity for quick wipes in between cleans.

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