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16 bathroom design ideas that work for a busy family

Maximise the potential of the busiest zone in the house

As one of the busiest zones in the home, family bathrooms should be functional and fun-loving. The key to getting it to work for you is investing time and research into clever bathroom design ideas that tick all the boxes to make it a space that is pleasurable to experience.

While ensuites are often the ultimate pamper zone, a family-friendly bathroom needs to cater for all ages – from bath-loving tiny tots to teens who preen. Think durable, easy-care surfaces, savvy storage and accessible zones for multiple users. With a swathe of practical, chic finishes and fixtures to choose from, it’s also the perfect space to splash out and have a little fun.

Bathroom design ideas for making the most of your space

1. Use mirrors

To reduce conflict during morning rush hour, look to incorporate large mirrors. “They create the illusion of more space and accommodate multiple people getting ready at once,” explains brand specialist Wesley Sinclair of Highgrove Bathrooms.

2. Double vanities

Opt for double basins and, for children, choose easy-to-use tapware with levers. A corner arrangement, such as the one shown here, keeps the rest of the room free for others to use. Bathroom design ideas for clever storage.

3. Wall mounting fixtures

“Wall-mounted vanities that free up floor space and offer generous internal storage work well in family bathrooms,” says Reece Marketing Lead Daniela Santilli.

4. Consistent finishes

Use the same tile on the floor and walls to create a spacious and cohesive feel. Just ensure you choose non-slip for safety reasons.

5. Create zones

When mapping out a space, consider size and the number of people who’ll be using it. “If it’s for multiple users, zone the bathroom with the wet area at one end and the vanity at the other,” says interior designer Sarah Nolen of Birdblack Design.

Bathroom design ideas for functionality

6. Add a seat

Whether it’s for cleaning teeth, brushing hair or supervising kids at bath time, keeping a stool handy in the bathroom will be your saving grace (for you and your back) in a family bathroom. The terrazzo ‘Tooth Stump’, $350, from Fenton & Fenton, is as stylish as it is practical.

7. Use plenty of mirrors

If you already have teenagers in your house, then you’ll know there aren’t enough mirrors in the world to keep them satisfied. The Reflekta ‘Pencil Edge’ 800mm mirror, $63, from Highgrove Bathrooms, is perfect for softening up the hard edges of any wash zone.

8. Easy clean surfaces

Family life is busy enough without adding excessive cleaning into the mix, so choose surfaces that require little upkeep. To avoid water splashing on plaster walls, tiling should extend reasonably high.

9. Incorporate a freestanding bath

“A freestanding model with stylish curves may have more longevity when kids get older,” suggests brand specialist Wesley Sinclair of Highgrove Bathrooms. A recessed shelf can also help with storage.

“Quality tapware is a worthwhile investment, as it’s being handled frequently throughout the day” Daniela Santilli

Bathroom design ideas for adding a little luxe

10. Add feature tiles

To create a stylish space that excites the whole family, founder Jenefer Gordon of Eat Bathe Live suggests going for a bold feature tile, such as some beautiful mosaics. They’re also great for disguising any dust and mess.

11. Glam tapware

Gone are the days of the boring family bathroom. Make it stand out with tapware and accessories in on-trend finishes such as matt black, which also conveniently minimises the appearance of fingerprints. Try the Eden ‘Nero’ basin mixer from Highgrove Bathrooms, $169.

12. Install a shower seat

“If you only have room for a shower, make it comfortable and functional with a seat,” says Sarah Nolen of Birdblack Design. Add a touch of luxe with under-tile heating.

13. Pamper zone

Space permitting, consider breaking up the vanity for an extra pampering zone. “Teens may appreciate a sit-down dressing area and divider drawers for their own beauty products,” says interior designer Sarah.

Bathroom design ideas for great storage

14. Use baskets

Keep a laundry basket in the bathroom and accessible to all family members so dirty clothes aren’t left in the corner. Try the ‘Laundry Jute Basket Natural’, $149, from The Dharma Door, to give the room texture, adding some pretty to your practical.

15. Use hidden storage

In family zones, there is no such thing as having too much storage. “Mirror cabinets are a great multi-functional unit,” says Sarah. “They can be recessed and used to cleverly conceal power-points.” Try the ‘Osca’ bevelled edge mirrored cabinet, $279, from Highgrove Bathrooms.

16. Integrate a niche

Niches are another sleek storage option. Sarah suggests asking your builder to incorporate one within your shower or above the bath, with extra depth and height to allow for family-sized product bottles.

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