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8 ideas for creating a dreamy Hamptons bedroom

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There’s something special about Hamptons bedrooms. But, to bring Hamptons style – a sophisticated look that can sometimes be quite stiff and formal – into a space of relaxation, like a bedroom, can be a daunting task. The trick is to highlight Hamptons’ softer side by layering luxurious linen, plush upholstery and calming, seaside hues to create a room that makes you feel serene and at ease.

If the rest of your home is Hamptons style but your bedroom needs an overhaul, these 8 decorating ideas will inspire you to turn a boring bedroom into a tranquil Hamptons haven. 

1. Hamptons style colours

Hamptons style interiors are widely regarded as ‘timeless’. Part of that timelessness stems from the fact that the style has very strict parameters, with the same colours, patterns and fabrics featuring time and time again.

While some designers, including Anna Spiro and Amy Spargo, are experimenting with a fun, colourful interpretation of Hamptons style, the classic look is still very embedded in coastal and nautical tones including navy, light blue, beige, grey, crisp white and occasionally, pops of red. 

Luckily, shades of blue and beige are very calming, which is exactly what you want in a bedroom that promotes rest.

Hamptons bedroom with classic blue and white colour scheme
A coastal-style Hamptons bedroom with a classic blue and white colour scheme. ‘Whitsunday Palm’ art from Searles Homewares. (Credit: Photography: Simon Whitbread | Styling: Heliconia)

2. Pattern

Experimenting with pattern, rather than colour, is the most effective way to put your own personal spin on Hamptons style. Patterns that suit Hamptons style best include small floral patterns, geometric prints and stripes.

In other words: a Hamptons style bedroom is not the place for a floor-to-ceiling photographic mural, or any kind of wallpaper featuring oversized florals or tropical palm leaves.

If you’re looking for fabric pattern inspiration, check out: 

If you’re looking for wallpaper inspiration, check out:

Blue Hamptons style bedroom with patterned upholstered headboard
The walls of this bedroom are painted a custom shade of pale blue by Porter’s Paints. The custom bedhead is upholstered in Nin Muses ‘Charman Stripe’ from Tigger Hall. (Credit: Photography: Kate Enno | Styling: Annalese Hay)

3. Luxury bedding

A Hamptons bedroom should feel luxurious (kind of like a 5-star hotel bedroom), and one way to achieve this is to invest in good quality sheets made from natural fibres. Crisp white bedding is always a safe choice, but you can play it up with striped or floral cushions. 

When temperatures drop, take the opportunity to dress the bed with a heavy, winter quilt. The puffier, the better, as a cloud-like quilt will invite you to dive right into bed at the end of a long day.

Hamptons style bedding

4. Panelling

Panelling in an Australian Hamptons style bedroom can range from traditional wainscoting, to floor-to-ceiling VJ panelling.

Wainscoting adds a sophisticated, formal touch to a home, while VJ panelling creates a more relaxed atmosphere that works especially well in a coastal-style Hamptons home.

Hamptons style bedroom with V-groove panelling
Custom bedhead upholstered in ‘Nine Muses’ fabric from Tigger Hall. The home’s original VJ walls were retained during renovations. (Credit: Photography: Mindi Cooke)

5. Upholstered bedhead

Once the foundational elements of the room are in place, it’s time to select a focal point. An upholstered bedhead is always a fantastic choice. As a general rule, it’s best to select a plain bedhead if you’re working in a room with patterned wallpaper or select a bold pattern if you’re working on a room with simple, painted walls. 

If you’re willing to splurge, you can have a Hamptons-style bed head custom-made (Heatherly Designs is a popular maker of custom headboards) in the fabric of your choice. If you want the Hamptons look on a budget, consider updating an existing bed with a slipcover in a Hamptons-style fabric. 

Hamptons style bedheads

6. Symmetry

Symmetry is key to capturing the grand, formal essence of Hamptons style. Think: matching bedside tables and lamps, and all pillows and cushions arranged symmetrically. 

7. Accessories

Stylish accessories will complete the look of your Hamptons style bedroom. Framed floral or coastal artworks can add interest to the walls, while even a simple touch like fresh flowers in a clear glass vase can make a big impact. If you have enough room, consider placing an ottoman or blanket box at the end of the bed for extra seating and storage.

Hamptons style bedroom with pink and blue colour scheme
This modern coastal Hamptons bedroom takes colour inspiration from a landscape print of the ocean. (Credit: Photography: Louise Roche | Styling: Kylie Jackes)

8. Window treatments

Standard window treatments, like vertical blinds or roller blinds just won’t cut it in a Hamptons-style suite.

The feeling of luxury must extend to the windows, so opt for heavy drapes in a good quality fabric, roman blinds in a print that matches the rest of the room, or install plantation shutters

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