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Incredible hack turns a $50 TV unit into a Hamptons-style fireplace

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Everyone loves a good furniture hack, but one savvy interior design enthusiast took it one step further when she transformed an old TV unit into a fabulous faux fireplace for her home.

Shaylee Smith from Coastal Inspired knew there was potential in her latest furniture find. “I originally purchased the piece from Facebook Marketplace for $50, it was the top of an old hutch that was then turned into a TV unit”, Shaylee told Home Beautiful.

Coastal Inspired
To the workshop we go! (Credit: Coastal Inspired)

“I love the Hamptons-style decor and as I currently live in a rental it’s hard to customise your home as renovations are out of the question.” So she set about bringing her favourite interior design style to life with her own two hands.

With a keen eye, when she worked out that the TV unit was the perfect height and size for creating a fireplace, Shaylee had a clear vision of what it could become.

Coastal Inspired
One person’s trash… (Credit: Coastal Inspired)

“I knew that if I turned it upside down I could use the detailed edging as the top of the mantlepiece,” she explained.

“With help from my dad, I was able to cut the big pieces of MDF board to size with a table saw. We also cut out a bit of the shelving so the inside of the fireplace was a bit bigger and more realistic.”

Coastal Inspired
(Credit: Coastal Inspired)

To cover the front and top of the mantel Shaylee used 3mm MDF board (2400 x 1200), a nail gun and PVA glue to hold down and secure the boards.

Once the foundation was completed, she used mouldings from Bunnings to create the squares on the façade. She also added a thick piece of moulding to the centre of the fireplace to block off the “chimney” section using PVA glue and small nails.

Coastal Inspired
Classic Hamptons style mouldings were added. (Credit: Coastal Inspired)

“The least fun part was sanding it back to remove the green colour off the sides,” says Shaylee.

“To create the elegant Hamptons style, I used Rust-oleum Linen White Chalk Paint. I gave the fireplace two or three coats for maximum coverage and to cover any imperfections.

“The inside of the fireplace is painted with White Knight Flat Black. Painting the inside black gives the illusion of depth as a usual fireplace would have.

Coastal Inspired
Perfect and portable Hamptons charm. (Credit: Coastal Inspired)

“Lastly the base was made from MDF board also to give the grand luxury feel. This fireplace is completely rental-friendly as nothing is screwed or nailed into the wall and it’s very sturdy. And come time to move again, we can easily remove it.”

Coastal Inspired
Welcome home. (Credit: Coastal Inspired)

You can see more of Shaylee’s designs on Facebook and Instagram.

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