Kids Bedroom Ideas

The kids’ bedrooms taking style to the next level

The world's most stylish spaces for small people
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From serene and sophisticated to bright and bold, here are 10 of our favourite rooms for children.

A handsome nautical motif wallpaper sets the tone in this room, complete with two bunk beds, blue and white stripes, and hanging cane chairs.

Bright accents in white punctuate this pretty and sophisticated space of dreamy pastels and muted shades.

 The blue and white wallpaper makes a strong style statement in this handsome room, which is balanced by the natural tones in the plywood bunk.

Nothing says fun like confetti wall decals and two hanging chairs. Layers of texture provided by rugs, cushions and throws soften the strong lines.

Dip-dyed linen curtains in burnt orange bring a surprising hit of colour to this soft Boho space.

Curved lines and round shapes dominate this soft and sophisticated space.

A round felt ball rug in the faintest pink introduces a textural base to this light and delicate room. 

It’s all about the incredible cactus wallpaper, an unexpectedly fresh element in this sweet room.

Soft layers of texture set the scene in this bedroom, with a dramatic canopy complete with sparkling copper lights.

Piles of cushions in a colour palette of red, white, grey and blue create a sense of cosiness in this bright room. 

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