Mitch and Mark create ace bedroom with Big W’s new kids’ collection

Plus tips to create a room that's stylish and sparks imagination.
Photography: Alan Jensen

Ever since they debuted on the 2019 season of The Block, Mitch and Mark, aka Australia’s most stylish grandads, have been sharing their brand of contagious fun and zest for life through home renovations and colourful, vibrant decor. But their latest challenge – styling up a kids’ room using only products from Big W’s new homewares range – is perhaps their funnest yet. “Ask us grandads to create a playroom to delight kids – we are all over it!”

As you’d expect, the final result completely bucks the all-neutral trend, instead combining playful plaids with dinosaur-print sheets and plush cushions with a menagerie of stuffed animals. “Who can go past a snuggly, plush elephant?” says Mitch. 

“Our Big W kids play area is exactly about that, lot’s of zones and areas for kids to play, have fun and learn about the world,” says Mark. “Seeing it all come together made us eager to invite the grandkids over to dive in and explore every corner!” 

Here, Mitch and Mark share 5 tips for styling a bedroom that will spark imaginations, stay relatively tidy and won’t cost a bomb to recreate. 

1. Mix and match

If you’re a design-savvy parent, you’ll know how difficult it can be to create a bedroom your kids love but that feels in keeping with the rest of your home. Dinosaur sheets may not be your first pick, but for a Jurassic Park-obsessed child, they can mean the world. It may be tempting to style busy sheets with something plain, but Mitch takes an entirely different tack – adding even more pattern to the mix. “Geometrics make [the bed] not only fun, but a little bit stylish,” says Mitch. The key to successfully clashing patterns is to select fabrics in similar colours.

Close up of kids room top bunk bed with Big W bedding
(Credit: Photography: Alan Jensen)

2. Stylish storage

Keeping kids’ rooms tidy is a never-ending battle, which is why incorporating toy storage into the design from the get-go is so important. “To pack away the kids’ toys we’ve added the Opennook rope baskets and storage cubes,” says Mitch. “They’re practical and very attractive.” 

Bookshelves, cube storage and woven baskets are all ways to keep toys contained when they’re not in use. 

3. Let there be light

One of the most overlooked elements when styling a kids’ room is the lighting. Including a variety of lights can help support your child’s bedtime routine. A friendly night-light can keep monsters at bay, while dimmable lamps can help signal to your child that it’s time to wind down for the night. “Lighting is important and we’ve added a touch of fun with amazing night lights,” says Mark.

Close up of kids' decor from Big W including a rattan lamp and a moon-shaped plush cushion.
(Credit: Photography: Alan Jensen)

4. Create zones

The key to creating a bedroom your kids will really love is to divide it into distinct zones. Of course the primary zone will be for sleeping, but an otherwise empty corner can be transformed into a reading nook with little more than a comfy beanbag, a bookshelf and a reading lamp. “We’re loving the beanbag in the floral print,” says Mitch.

It’s also a great idea to keep the centre of the room clear so there’s plenty of space to spread out and play. A child-sized table and chairs is multi-purpose and can be great for colouring in or hosting tea parties.

Kids room styled by Mitch and Mark for Big W with bunk bed, soft toys and alphabet rug.
(Credit: Photography: Alan Jensen)

5. Shop beyond the kids’ section

Finally, think about how the room will evolve as your child grows. Even though Mitch and Mark have packed the room with soft toys, they’re supported by a collection of versatile throw cushions sourced from Big W’s main homewares range. “We’ve used more sophisticated cushions with the soft toys,” says Mark. 

So next time you’re shopping for decor to makeover your child’s room, step outside the kids’ section and look for basic foundational elements that will provide a stylish backdrop for many years to come. 

Shop the look


K-D Flannelette sheet set in dino

From $35, Big W

Know a dinosaur-obsessed kid? They’ll love these sheets. Not only do they feature a colourful dinosaur print, but they’re also made from 100% Australian cotton, brushed for extra softness and warmth. This set comes with a flat sheet, a fitted sheet and a matching pillowcase. 


Openook 8-cube storage shelf and foldable storage cube

$55 (storage shelf), $6 (storage cube), Big W

Cube shelves are beloved for a reason. They’re versatile, can be used for storing books or toys and foldable inserts can keep all of the clutter well-hidden. Placed on its side, it also becomes a console where you can display special toys, books and even place a table lamp.


Keezi 4-tiered kids bookshelf

$79.95, Big W

Kids books can really pile up. Keep them organised, on display and within easy reach with this tiered bookshelf. The best part? It has two bottom drawers for even more toy storage. Brilliant.


K-D alphabet round rug in cream

$25, Big W

The best way to create visually distinct zones in a single room is to use strategically-placed rugs. This round alphabet rug is the perfect basis for a cosy reading corner.


Brilliant Basics teddy fleece blanket, single

$12, Big W

Layer up with comfy layers and cosy blankets in time for winter. By night this teddy blanket will keep your child toasty and warm and by day it can serve as an indoor cubby canopy. Warning: it’s so soft you may be tempted to steal it for yourself!


Somersault snuggly plush elephant

$12, Big W

“Who can go past a snuggly plush elephant?” says Mitch. Need we say more? Made from soft and cosy material, this plushie is perfect for naptime or playtime.


Openook tufted cushion in forget me not

$18, Big W

It’s a good idea to shop beyond the kids’ section when designing a child’s room. As Mitch and Mark demonstrate, soft toys come and go but a beautiful throw cushion is eternal. We love this tufted design for it calming colour as well as the texture it lends to a space.

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