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The only 3 things you need to update your home this season

The only 3 things you need to buy, according to the stylists.

Interior trends come and go just as fast as fashion trends, and unless you have an endless decorating budget, staying up-to-date with every colour of the moment just isn’t possible. However, it is possible to make an old room feel like new with just three strategic buys. We consulted professional stylists to learn how to update a bedroom or living area with just 3 new items, without breaking the bank.

How to update your bedroom with just 3 items

Tasmanian interior designer Lydia Maskiell of Lydia Maskiell Interiors says that the only 3 things you need to make a living room feel like new is paint, a new duvet cover and cushions.

1. Add colour to your walls
“There’s no bolder statement than a wall or walls that pack a punch of colour,” says Lydia, “It can form the perfect backdrop for a simple bedhead or be the foundation to layering up a bedroom look with textures and colours that are complimentary to the wall colour.”

 2. Buy a new duvet cover

“A plain coloured quilt cover is great for layering with patterned sheets; they’ll look good folded back over the quilt cover,” says Lydia. “I often use sheets as a way to introduce a subtle use of pattern and to break the solid colour of the quilt cover.”

3. Add cushions

“My general rules for selecting cushions for a bedroom are pairing colour, texture and pattern with a simple duvet cover. Alternatively, if you have a patterned duvet cover, then drawing out your cushions with a solid colour will work well in contrast.”

How to update your living room with just 3 items

Melbourne-based interior designer Krystal Sagona of Interior Flow says the only items you need to make a living room feel brand new are a plush rug, textural cushions and a great artwork for the wall.

1. Create balance

“A plush soft rug combined with textural cushions and a killer artwork transform any living room into a stylish haven with a hypnotic pull,” says Krystal.

2. Link your colours

“Linking the colour of the artwork to the cushions and rug will make the room feel on-trend and vibrant.”

3. Layer your décor

“The rug makes in the foreground, the cushions in the mid-layers and the artwork in the background creates a well-balanced and inviting room.”

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