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Is this the world’s most lavish walk-in wardrobe?

Stunning blogger’s dream wardrobe is bigger than a small apartment!
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For the ultimate in luxury high end fashion at your fingertips, take a leaf out of the book of this entrepreneur and fashion blogger.

Singaporean based celebrity influencer and entrepreneur Jamie Chua has built herself a walk-in wardrobe to store and display her clothing collection that measures over 200 square metres and is accessed with James Bond style security technology.

As seen Bonkers Closets, the room is protected by a high tech security systems with fingerprint access by Jamie. Beyond, the walk-in space is cleverly designed with mirrors surrounding the walls to give the impression of space, and display cabinets lining other walls.

Despite first impressions of sheer ostentation, the room has been cleverly custom built with careful detailing, flawless functionality and shrewd design.

Behind each display cabinet is a pull-out rack of clothing (think of a pull-out kitchen pantry shelf, but rather than cans of beans) is hung rows with an incredible collection of breathtaking pieces of haute couture.

Elsewhere in the room are extensive shelves filled with hundreds of pairs of shoes, handbags, jewellery and accessories, with pull-out drawers displaying rows and rows of diamonds, costume and high end designer jewellery.

Passionate about each piece of clothing, Jamie says, “I try to be nicely dressed because I feel it is a courtesy to the person that I’m meeting.” 

Taking her love for high end fashion took her clothes and accessories storage to the next level, “Although it’s still not enough for me,” she told Bonkers Closets, “I think I need more closet space!”

Watch the video and be amazed at the extravagance!

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