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The room project: Darren Palmer’s bedroom designs

Style meets functionality in this stunning room makeover
King Living Furniture, Darren Palmer room makeover

Interior designer extraordinaire Darren Palmer shows us how to design a welcoming oasis. Using King Living furniture, Palmer curated two stunning rooms with comfort, style, sophistication and durability at the forefront.

The first room exudes femininity and is fun and flirty. Hues of soft, warm white, blush and salmon create a soothing atmosphere. The Symphony Storage bed is both stylish and provides a space under the mattress for storing luggage, linen or extra cushions. The bedhead wraps around the top corners of the bed for a cosy, sumptuous look. 

The warmer colours of the table, both against the wall and bed, and the chair are downplayed by the marble tops on the Serenade Bedside tables. The sharp, strong geometric shapes are softened by the circular lights and artwork.


The idea for the bed was to make it feel as relaxed as possible, the perfect solution being a soft, washed, blush coloured linen to highlight the relaxed style of this more informal room – Darren Palmer

(Credit: King Living Furniture, Darren Palmer room makeover)

The second room is distinctly more masculine with a mid-century feel to it. The palette is dark with rich buttery browns, blues and dark timber tones.

The furniture together with the Ralph Loren wallpaper, horse artwork, cut glass tumblers, drinks tray, architectural flowers and classic lamps add to the strong, dominant feel of the space. The chocolate-coloured velvet Seymour chair and velvet bedhead replicates a gentleman’s jacket which further exemplifies the look and feel.

(Credit: King Living Furniture, Darren Palmer room makeover)
(Credit: King Living Furniture, Darren Palmer room makeover)

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