Simple Bedroom Ideas

5 ways to make your bedroom feel happier

Create a sanctuary that nurtures your inner wellbeing
Cath Muscat

Follow our tips to transform your room into a feel-good zone.

Peaceful light bright bedroom
(Credit: Cath Muscat)

Colour therapy

Restful colours create an atmosphere of calm and quiet. Soft neutral and earthy colours are easy on the eye and blend harmoniously while deep, rich colours absorb light and put the mind at rest. We love Aura’s Maison quilt cover in Indigo, which serenely blends with natural tones.

Textural healing

The time we spend in the bedroom is mostly enjoyed with our eyes closed. The sense of wellbeing that lulls us to sleep is still vital but best conveyed through touch. “Soft textures will always create a better environment for sleeping; pure cotton sheets and layers of lush natural fibres add luxury to the bed,” says Tracie Ellis, Director of Aura. Meanwhile, a tactile rug will entice you into bed and protect toes from rude awakenings on cool mornings. Try an Armadillo & Co handcrafted Bangaldeshi hemp flower rug from Eco Chic.

Layers of textiles
(Credit: Cath Muscat)

Personal haven

Display the things that make you happy and relaxed. “If you feel comfortable about being in bed and let your body and brain do what it knows how to do, you’ll go to sleep, but if you start to worry and feel anxious then you are likely to toss and turn,” says Dr Delwyn Bartlett of respiratory and sleep research organisation The Woolcock Institute. Holiday momentos recall carefree days and family photos bring comfort. Just ensure to keep your treasures meaningful, curated and refreshed by regularly bringing new objects out and putting others away. A pen and notepad by the bed will also let you release thoughts as they arise.

Chaos control

Clutter and bedrooms don’t mix. Too many visual elements will stimulate the brain, making it more difficult to unwind while mess will only serve as a reminder of a mounting to-do list. A chic laundry basket will serenely keep clothes off the floor. Try Alfresco Emporium’s Rattan hamper. Meanwhile, a bespoke wardrobe ensures clothes, accessories and even gadgets stay under control. Expect to pay from $5000 to $15,000 for a simple fit out.



Disconnect Daily

We’re all guilty of staying up for ‘just one more episode’ or ‘one more email’, but really it’s best to switch off an hour before bed. According to the Australasian Sleep Association’s National Sleep Research Project, blue light from screens can suppress the sleep hormone melatonin, much like daylight. Even the luminous rays from a digital alarm clock or a charging mobile phone can disrupt the sleep cycle.

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