6 Christmas wrapping hacks to blow your mind

Hard-to-wrap items, making the most of your paper, time saving tips and cute and clever tricks to try

You’ve bought all of your Christmas gifts and have stacked them up for wrapping. Before you switch on your favourite Christmas movie and get started, take a little time to check out these wrapping hacks to cut the hassle and hard work out of the task ahead.

Youtube is a mine of information and encouragement so sit back, relax and be inspired!

1. Getting started

This Youtuber has some great ideas for getting back to basics:

2. Aldi hacks

You might be surprised to find that supermarket giant Aldi has a bunch of hacks to try for Christmas, starting with these wrapping ideas:

3. DIY tricks

We love the “pull tab” hack in this one:

4. Quality result

The gift bag on this one looks just like a bought one – great for hard-to-wrap items:

5. Best ideas yet!

This video is long but oh-so-worth watching. There are wonderful ideas here that even elevate brown paper wrapping to new heights:

6. Fabric fundamentals

Our own HB team put together this video that makes a scarf or piece of fabric part of the gift:

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