Claridge’s famous Christmas tree will turn your Christmas upside down!

This year Karl Lagerfeld has taken Christmas trees to the next level
Chad Madden via Unsplash

It’s upside down!

Inspired by Lagerfeld’s own happy childhood memories of Christmas trees, the installation features a series of suspended, fully decorated Christmas trees that have been inverted and hung from the ceiling.

Claridge's famous Christmas tree by Karl Lagerfeld | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: Claridges )

The centerpiece is an incredible specimen hanging in the place of the usual impressive central chandelier the London hotel is famous for. It measures almost 5 metres tall and is dripping with icy silver lametta decorations, reminiscent of icy stalactites, amid soft leather feathers and snowflakes handmade by German artisans. The tree is topped with silver gilded roots and an enormous multi-faceted mirrored star, which reflects refracted light all across the art deco lobby.

 “We are honoured and delighted that Karl Lagerfeld agreed to design our annual Claridge’s Christmas Tree,” says Claridge’s General Manager Paul Jackson. “We believe this magical take on his childhood memories captures the spirit of the season perfectly and adds a sense of fun and glamour to our lobby.”

“Christmas trees are the strongest ‘souvenir’ of my happy childhood”

Karl Lagerfeld

This is the 8th year Claridge’s have invited a high profile designer to live out their Christmas dreams in their lobby, which is much anticipated and forms a destination for tourists and Londoners alike as they visit and Christmas shop in the UK capital. Browse the archive of some wonderful installations from years gone by.

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