DIY natural Christmas decorations

A great project to try at home

Decorating your home for the festive season is one of the best parts of this time of year. However, many decorations are not the most eco-friendly and generally made of plastic.

So Amy Miller, co-creator of mindful wine service Vineful, shares this simple craft to create decorations for your home this season using natural products.


  • Two shallow bowls or dishes
  • Turmeric
  • Water
  • Red wine or beetroot
  • Twine
  • Wooden beads — we sourced ours from a reverse garbage facility
  • Old t-shirt or rag


1. For the yellow balls, add two teaspoons of turmeric to a shallow bowl and mix with a little water to create a paste.

2. Dip the old t-shirt in the paste and wipe onto the wooden balls. Two coats should be sufficient, depending on how bright you want them to be! Be careful not to stain any of your surfaces, turmeric loves to stain! We got these balls at a reverse garbage shop where people drop off excess products that could otherwise be directed to a dump. There are many reverse garbage facilities around Australia, see if there is one near you. You never know what you can find and what crafts you could make! Otherwise, you could find these at a local craft shop or make some using old wood ends.

(Credit: Vineful)

3. For the red balls, simply use a dark red wine — a Shiraz or Cabernet Sauvignon, something with a lot of tannins and colour. Leave the balls soaking in red wine for at least an hour — longer for a more vibrant result — and let dry.

4. If you want to save your wine, you could use beetroot! Simply boil a beetroot until mushy, mash with a fork or blend in a blender until you make a thick puree. Dab the puree on the wooden balls then wipe off the excess with a dry corner of the t-shirt.

5. Thread the twine through the stained wooden beads with a knot of the end. Loop the thread and make a second knot to the decorations can be hung.

There you go! Gorgeous decorations using natural products, perfect for a mindful season.

(Credit: Vineful)

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