Handmade Christmas

Handmade delights to help make the holidays even more special
Natalie Hunfalvay


Christmas gifts
With thanks (Credit: Natalie Hunfalvay)

Show your gratitude with a thoughtful fragrant gift. Take three bunches of flowers of varying sizes and clean all stems of branches. Group flowers together with the largest bunch at the back, then tie stems together with string. Finish with a natural-style wrap, ribbon and small trinket.

Christmas table setting
Festive table settings (Credit: Natalie Hunfalvay)

Layers of fragrant and earthy elements can transform a lonely napkin into a beautiful personalised place setting for the Christmas table. Write your guests’ names on small chalkboard tags, then string onto cotton ribbon, along with a cute ceramic decoration, before tying around loosely folded napkins. Finish by tucking a fresh sprig of pine behind the ribbon for a hint of festive scents.

It’s easy to make a beautiful handmade front door accessory with an Oasis ‘Wet Wreath’ (available online or from your local florist) and your favourite flowers, blossoms and foliages from the garden. Choose a focal bloom to place around the circle to draw attention, then select other flowers that blend in colour and textures. Continue all the way around the wreath, alternating your flowers to create a flow from one section to the next. Turn the wreath around to look at it from every angle to ensure all the base is covered. Fix a ribbon to the back if you want to hang the wreath, or use your creation as a fabulous table decoration.

Christmas gift wrap
Art of giving (Credit: Natalie Hunfalvay)

Wrap your gifts in glamorous gold or red paper, then introduce another element by enclosing feathers under a single layer of tracing paper. Or, to add more sparkle, scatter red sequins onto tracing paper before folding into a long sleeve – enclosing the sequins inside. Top with pretty ribbons and holly sprigs.

Christmas gift wrap flowers
Floral interludes (Credit: Natalie Hunfalvay)

Bring your gifts to life with papers full of blooms. Try cutting around a few bold patterns or make strips of alternating designs to layer on top of kraft paper. Decorate with bright ribbons and ceramic tags along with fresh flowers for an extra burst of petal power.

Start dinner with a stylish bang by making your own bon bons – you can find the inner rolls and all-important “snaps” at most craft stores. Secure a snap inside a cardboard roll with sticky tape and insert your special surprises. Wrap paper around the roll and twist the ends. Tie with twine or ribbon, then attach decorations.

Paired with gift tags, the bon bons can also double as place cards.

Christmas gift wrap
DIY style (Credit: Natalie Hunfalvay)

Go glam with shimmering layers of metallic and tissue papers topped with an origami-style ornament that guests can take home as a keepsake.

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