Kmart has released the cutest advent calendars this Christmas

Sweet and so affordable!

We look forward every year to the release of advent calendars from the big department stores and retailers across the board and this year doesn’t disappoint. Here’s the latest offering from Kmart to hit the shelves.


A simple plywood construction, at just $12 each it’s a great price point to start from as you fill the little houses with treats and sweets for your children (or yourself!), working your way through the days leading up to Christmas.

If you haven’t already been collecting, you’ll find yourself scouring shops and newsagents for tiny objects to fill the boxes to excite and delight. Mix it up though – it doesn’t have to be all sugar coated – choose a selection of:

  • little stickers
  • tiny figurines
  • hair ties
  • jewellery
  • erasers
  • seed packets
  • bubble blowers
  • toys
  • hand written messages with excursion plans


Here are more advent calendars for grown ups in shops now.

advent calendar
(Credit: Kmart)

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