Ten top tips from real renovators

Reno words of wisdom from the coal face
John Downs

We canvass 10 renovators on the choices they made that worked for them, and what to consider when renovating your home.

1. “Choose a builder who will work with you to keep the neighbours informed. Ours was great at keeping everyone happy and on side” ~ Andrew, homeowner.


2. “A designer friend told us to use materials that are honest. We tried to follow this advice and I think the home is better for it” ~ Briony, homeowner.


3. “I used white finishes and taps in the kitchen so I continued that in the bathroom. I then brought in the black with the joinery to get a strong contrast” ~ Melanie, homeowner.


4. Use a water-resistant rayon wallcovering as a textural backdrop for a freestanding bath. “You wouldn’t use a wallpaper in a shower, but it’s fine with a few splashes from the bath” ~ Liz, homeowner.

Ten top tips from real renovators | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
(Credit: John Downs)

5. “The right people make a difference. We didn’t use a big building company but chose a sole builder who loves working with timber and helped to manage all the other trades” ~ Jo, homeowner.


6. “I went around with an interior designer to see bathroom and laundry tiles, as well as light fittings” ~ Julie, homeowner.


7. “Live off-site if you can. We were lucky enough to be able to live in our old house while we were renovating, which made is so much faster and easier” ~ Lou, homeowner.


8. Be flexible with your choices. “I originally wanted a concrete floor, but I’m so happy with the [porcelain] floor tiles we chose” ~ Kellie, homeowner.


9. “Our plan was to make maximum impact, for minimum spend, and we agreed the money would be best spent on the living and outdoor areas of the house” ~ Jo, homeowner.


10. “We decided to live in the home for a few years before renovating” ~ Leanne, homeowner.


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