7 germy places in your home that need to be disinfected now

When was the last time you thoroughly disinfected these hotspots?
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It’s now more important than ever to keep your home clean and germ free. While your regular Sunday cleaning session may involve a vacuum, mop and wipedown of all surfaces, when was the last time you thoroughly disinfected your home?

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We’ve identified 7 places in your home that you should be disinfecting regularly to avoid bacteria build up and the spread of germs.

Blue gloves cleaning bench
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1. Electronic devices

When was the last time you cleaned your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, keyboard or mouse? Pick up some electronic wipes or tech cleansing swabs and get to work on this regularly. Phones should be wiped down once a week under usual circumstances, and daily if you’re sick.

2. Handles

Doorknobs and handles on cupboards and drawers are some of the most high-traffic areas for germs.  Try to wipe them down with disinfectant every other week or so.

3. Kitchen sponges

Microwaving or boiling your sponge will not disinfect it. The best thing to do is replace it weekly.

4. Tea towels

Tea towels should be washed every two days and allowed to dry completely before being used again. Tea towels should only ever be used for one purpose, such as drying hands or drying dishes – never both.

5. Fridge

While a fridge may appear clean to the naked eye, this reliable home appliance can be home to all sorts of high-risk bacteria. Wipe down all shelves and compartments with disinfectant once per month.

6. Pet toys

While we love our furry companions, many pet toys spend a lot of time in the mouth of dogs and cats, not to mention the bacteria animals bring in on their paws. Regularly wash soft pet toys and bedding in the washing machine, and soak hard toys in a disinfectant solution.

7. Kids toys

Children often have a habit of picking up and putting down toys whenever and wherever, and some young children will pop toys into their mouths. Ensure all soft toys are going through a hygienic wash in the machine regularly, and hard water-tight toys are regularly washed in detergent.

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