3 cleaning myths you should ignore

Old wives' tales debunked

Old wives’ tales are rife throughout the cleaning world. Many of which aren’t quite true.

Keep reading for a list of common cleaning myths. 

‘Kills 99 per cent of germs’

This is a big statement. When this appears on a cleaning product, it means 99 per cent of germs were killed on one particular product, not all germs on all products.

Infectious diseases expert Dr Michael Whitby told the ABC all these products do is “reduce the concentration of bacteria on the surfaces you clean. And given how many micro-organisms actually live on a kitchen bench you will still be left with plenty of bugs after you clean.”

In most instances, regular detergent and water will be sufficient for cleaning.

Vinegar can be used to clean everything

When it comes to cleaning, many people are reaching for the vinegar.

While in most cases it’s an excellent all-purpose cleaner, there are some instances where the miracle ingredient can do more harm than good.

Vacuuming too much can ruin your carpet 

Some people say that vacuum cleaners actually damage carpet fibres. This can be the case when cleaning wool or non-synthetic rugs too often. However, these days modern rugs are made to withstand vacuum cleaning. 

However, a build-up of dirt can cause more damage to your carpet than vacuuming.


This article originally appeared on Better Homes and Gardens

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