How to speed clean your bedroom

In under 15 minutes!
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This speed cleaning method will blitz your bedroom and free you from the burden of a heavy cleaning load each week.


Keep together in a small basket a ‘toolkit’ of speed cleaning supplies. Store handy in your laundry or cupboard under the stairs so it’s easy to grab and speed clean just one room at a time.

How to speed clean your bedroom
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In your toolkit include the following supplies:

  • Rubbish bags (folded used grocery bags are perfect)
  • Small basket (serves as toolkit storage basket when not in use)
  • A handful of clean rags (rotate and wash after each use)
  • Cleaning spray (see below to make your own natural solution)
  • Cordless vacuum cleaner (charge and store near toolkit)


1. Move around your room collecting dirty clothes and anything else that needs to be washed. Leave at door.

2. Go through and put away and rehang and clean clothes, shoes or other items lying around.

3. Take the rubbish bag around and toss out any rubbish, empty including small waste basket.

4. Gather all the items into your basket that need to be moved somewhere else in the house. *Do this task as soon as possible after you finish your bedroom clean to avoid basket collecting junk!

5. Remove sheets from bed and replace with clean sheets – keep clean sets stored together ready in your linen cupboard.

6. Take two clean rags and begin speed cleaning and dusting:

  • use one to give everything a quick dust
  • have your cleaning solution handy and use your dust rag hand to apply a light spray of the cleaning solution where things need a wipe down
  • use the other rag for wiping down surfaces and items where needed

7. Lastly, vacuum the entire room, either with your cordless vacuum cleaner or plug in model.

Use this method to clean your bedroom once or twice a week to dirt, mess and dust don’t build up. You can then move room to room with your toolkit and do each room per day, without the burden of a full day cleaning!

How to speed clean your bedroom | Home Beautiful Magazine Australia
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Natural cleaning solution:

Mix up a small spray bottle with equal parts white vinegar and water and 10 drops each of rosemary and lavender essential oils


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