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7 reasons we love a kitchen banquette

Banquettes are back in town and we’re on board – here’s why.
Simon Whitbread

There’s a strong case for taking decorating cues from restaurants and bars – they are always on trend and need to be super-functional and sturdy enough to take a serious beating day in, day out. In that way, they sort-of road test design and decorating ideas for us.

One trend we’re loving and that’s easy to bring into our homes is installing upholstered banquette seating in the kitchen and dining area. Everyone loves a booth in a restaurant but, so far from Happy Days, these corner nooks and comfy bolt holes have recently upped the ante in style. Here’s why we love them.

  1. Comfort – padded seating is not always the norm in the dining room
  2. Colour – upholstery and accent cushions mean you can inject colour, change with the seasons and update any time
  3. Class – in almost every case a banquette is custom made to fit the space – this adds a bespoke element that takes the finish to the next level
  4. Storage – oodles of storage beneath the seat make this a clever choice in the hub of the home
  5. Efficiency – custom fitted joinery will always maximum the use of a tricky area
  6. Position – close to the action, a banquette in the kitchen is at once cosy and communal
  7. Old-world charm – from wholesome gingham to  luxe tufted velvet a banquette retains it’s quaint appeal

Here’s some inspiration to bring the idea into your home:


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