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Make your table the ultimate fine dining experience that will be valued forever

Was there a time in your childhood when your family or friends had a ‘good room’? Or perhaps it was the special-occasion crockery and cutlery, rarely seen let alone used, put aside for a visit from the Queen some day? Today this idea seems quaint, as the more recent concept of ‘everyday luxury’ gains momentum worldwide. Our modern homes are about living in comfort, but with quality that’s been designed to be enjoyed.

Discover the world of Shervin Verkil, where you’ll find exquisite designs and pieces of unsurpassed elegance that will enhance your enjoyment of everyday dining. Their beautiful handcrafted and stylised tableware collections are produced to exacting standards, using only high-grade materials in their 18/10 stainless steel cutlery pieces and upholding the three core pillars of design, style and longevity.


Every piece of Shervin Verkil cutlery has been designed and crafted to be evenly weighted in the hand and sensory to the touch, so they will always be a pleasure to use. Their signature cutlery ranges, Inspired and Beautiful, are now available in elegantly bow-tied gift-boxed sets of 24, 32 and 40 pieces. Whether chosen for your home or as a gift, it is a set that will be kept for a lifetime. Plus, in support of their commitment to quality, Shervin Verkil offer a ‘100 Year Trust Assurance Warranty’, which is your guarantee of the highest quality and expert craftsmanship.

(Credit: Shervin Verkil)

In addition to elegant cutlery, Shervin Verkil will also release their stunning new Rania Collection of hand-finished earthen ceramic dining ware in May 2018. In deep, moody tones that look as beautiful alone as they do on the table, you can set a table that will look and feel luxurious every day, and for your special occasions entertaining family and friends. The Rania Collection will be available in separate bow-tied gift-box sets of six soup/laksa bowls, six dipping bowls, six side plates and six dinner plates.

(Credit: Shervin Verkil)

Whether as gifts, or as pieces to add to your own home’s collection, everything in the Shervin Verkil collection is designed with luxury in mind, to provide you with truly elegant dining experiences you can enjoy every day.


To find out more about Shervin Verkil visit www.shervinverkil.com.au or call 0418 884651.

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