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Five ways to create a modern home

Here are our top tips for creating a gorgeous, contemporary abode
Carter Grange Homes

Clever design and smart decorating are key to building a modern home. Use sleek, smooth and symmetrical lines to enhance a sense of space and make the most out of every nook and cranny. Here are our five ideas to creating a modern home:

Material aesthetics

Choosing a material that covers all your needs – thermal and acoustic properties, durability, strength, eco-friendliness – and still looks beautiful can be tricky. One of our favourite looks is Hebel as it is sophisticated and refined. Finished with an acrylic based coatings system, Hebel gives you the rendered look in a wide range of colours, textures and finishes, which means there are plenty of options.And while it is visually beautiful, it is also very functional with great thermal and acoustic properties. It is eco-friendly, fire-safe, strong, durable and easy to use.

Home layout

Trendy homes utilise open-plan layouts for all the advantages they provide like creating a sense of space and bouncing natural light around. 


Indoor-outdoor entertaining

Many contemporary homes take full advantage of their gardens with indoor entertaining areas flowing into outdoor patios and balconies. We love glass sliding doors or bi-folds as they really open the different areas up to one another.

Single flooring choice

Choose the same flooring to run through the entire home, except for the wet rooms. This will modernise the look and keep your eye moving towards the back of the zone, which helps to emphasise space. To create a beachy vibe, choose a whitewashed look or opt for darker flooring to contrast against white walls. 


The first rule of adding furniture is not to overdo it. Keep things simple and let statement pieces shine. Pick up the colours in your walls, flooring and furniture in soft furnishings to tie the area together and make it feel cohesive and effortless. Add tactile materials to create a sense of warmth and add texture for stylish spaces.

(Credit: Carter Grange Homes)

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