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When it comes to colour, texture and pattern, we have you covered

Trend 1: Global Nomad

The home of the global traveller is a round-the-world ticket within four walls. The palette is simple and slightly rustic, all the better to display the cultural riches of far-flung places. Its a combination of mementos collected on international wanderings, objects evocative of the places one would like to go and pieces that reflect Australia’s own unique heritage.


Wonder walls

While walls are best kept a soft white, the floors should be dark (but not black), with warmth and depth. Think knotty timber boards with a distinct grain, in matt shades of coffee and cocoa. “Walnut colours, like Provincial Lane stained oak timber in Butternut, would work perfectly to achieve this look,” says Darren Palmer, ambassador of Carpet Court.

Pretty shady

Channel an island resort with plantation shutters in stained timber – a look that will take you back to the tropics and evoke memories of frangipani-scented breezes. For an alternative that’s lighter on the budget, try timber venetians.

Soft touches

Layer rugs for texture underfoot, choosing woven over plush and subtle patterns over bold or bright. Sisal-look weaves work wonderfully, but a little geometric pattern can work well – stick with stark black-and-white, to contrast with the primary palette of chocolatey hues. The same guidelines apply to carpet: choose earthy tones and simple patterns. Try Carpet Court ambassador Darren Palmer’s Provincial Lane stained oak timber in Chestnut with Naturals Rug Collection ‘Sorrento’ rug in Silver Ivory.

On show

The emphasis is on layers of texture, from feathers to palm fronds, woven baskets to handcrafted pieces in wood and leather.

“Walnut is definitely coming back in, contrasting with the aged oaks and greys that we’ve seen for the last few years”  ~ Darren Palmer, Carpet Court ambassador

Trend 2: Empire lines

Sophisticated, glamorous and perfectly polished, this is the impeccably tailored three-piece suit of interior style. Inspired by Art Deco architecture – a golden age of design in more than one sense – this look is lavishly embellished and studded with bold accents of polished warm metals.

Let there be light

Velvety drapes may be the height of sophisticated style, but pairing them with sheer fabric will filter Australia’s brutal sunlight and cast a more even glow over your interiors. Try rollers in a pale sheer, which can be slipped discreetly beneath the pelmet, filtering sun while leaving the limelight to the bolder curtains.

Empire state

The palette is one of moneyed elegance, with bold black and white accented with expensive shades of emerald and ivory, marble and gold. You’re looking for chocolate toned flooring, polished to a burnished gleam. “Look for tiles that imitate stone – marble, travertine, or granite – or ceramic tiles laid in Art Deco patterns” ~ Wendy Moore, Home Beautiful general manager.

Take it to the floor

This is a good chance to explore pattern in timber floors. “Parquetry is a beautiful finish,” says Darren Palmer, ambassador of Carpet Court. Whichever flooring you choose, a luxe look is key. With carpet, you want something soft underfoot, and 100 per cent wool, naturally.

Rugged up

Woven rugs are a must for this trend, with graphic prints – the key word is ‘symmetry’ – in the core palette of black and white or gold. Try the Provincial Lane ‘Tobra’ flatweave rug in Grey (above left) for a luxe look that will stand the test of time. Try Carpet Court ambassador Shelley Craft’s Real Living ‘Vida’ carpet in Burma Bluff.

“Provincial Lane’s stained oak timber in chestnut gives you a striking base to contrast some of the bolder elements of this look” ~ Darren Palmer, Carpet Court ambassador

Trend 3: Japandi

Both characterised by uncluttered and calm interiors, Japanese and Scandinavian styles are a match made in heaven. Think Japanese Zen styling, but with a healthy dose of hygge – the Danish art of cosiness. The lines are clean, while stopping on the softer side of starkness. The palette is all pale timbers and soft, smoky greys and blues, with sharply contrasting accents of black.

Glass act

While bare windows work best with the Japandi look, practicality demands something on the windows for privacy and warmth. Panel glides are a great compromise, discreetly stacking to the side when open and subtly reminiscent of traditional Japanese screens when closed. Try Carpet Court ambassador Shelley Craft’s Real Living ‘Oak Avenue’ timber in West End Natural.

“Add texture with a flatweave rug – Naturals Rug collection ‘Sorrento’ rug in Petrol Ivory or the ‘Venice’ rug in Demin Blue both work beautifully” ~ Wendy Moore, Home Beautiful general manager

Try Carpet Court’s ‘Novilon Design’ vinyl in Concrete Natural Tile.


Light timber floors provide a gentle grounding for this look. “Light oaks such as Provincial Lane stained oak timber in Macadamia or Cashew are a good base,” says Darren Palmer, ambassador of Carpet Court. If you’re not prepared to commit to pale floors for the long-term, vinyl planks could be a fantastic compromise. “Vinyl planks are my big discovery,” he says. “The technology has escalated them from a low cost DIY option to something that looks stylish and realistic, and offers good value for money.”

Trend 4: Futurology

The future is now, as seen in this hot new trend. In the ’80s, The Jetsons introduced us to space-age style, which has now arrived in our homes for real, reimagined with a level of softness and sophistication. Mid-century modern shapes are heavily referenced, reinvented with the aid of contemporary technology – deceptively light moulded metal, laser-cutting and prismatic shapes.

Colour me fancy

Celestial hues form the palette for this look: deep indigo and grey, tempered by feminine muted pastels such as violets and pinky lilacs. The look is ultra modern, requiring a sleek and simple gallery-esque backdrop for the sculptural form of the furnishings. If timber is more your cup of tea than tiles, choose a product with minimal grain and knots – bamboo is perfect for this and is super easy to install.

Blind ambition

On the windows, subtlety is key – this is not the space for double-width drapes. Roller blinds are a great compromise, set up under the pelmet to render them virtually invisible when open.

Cosy touch

Adding warmth to this backdrop of hard flooring and modern shapes is important, helping to transform a somewhat stark palette into a space of homely comfort. Think plush rugs in soft and soothing pastel hues – Carpet Court’s ‘Abrash Violet’ rug from the Urban Collection has just the right combination of tones. Try Carpet Court’s ‘Novilon Design’ vinyl in Concrete Natural Tile with Naturals Rug Collection ‘Como’ rug in Denim Grey.

“Intricate design brings machine-made products to a new era ”~ Wendy Moore, Home Beautiful general manager

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