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How to eat scones: jam or cream first?

We might have the answer

If you love scones, you’ve probably been at the centre of the age-old debate: does the jam or cream go first?

With the release of The Crown season 2, it seems we might finally have the answer.

During the season, The Queen, played by Claire Foy, serves herself scones placing the cream on first followed by the jam.

Similarly, chef Nigella Lawson revealed she puts cream on her scones before the jam. 

“In England, there are huge arguments going on about when you have scones, should you have the cream first or the jam first? If you’re from Devon … you would put the cream first and then the jam. And in Cornwall you put the jam first and then the cream,” Lawson said.

She said clotted cream was “really like a version of butter and you put it on what is really like a quick bread”.

“It’s much easier to put the jam on top. If you put the jam first and then you try to put the cream on, you drag the jam, whereas the cream is heavier.”

What do you think? Jam or cream first?

This article originally appeared on Better Homes and Gardens

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