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Room recipe: The ultimate dining room

This stunning dining room ticks everything on our wishlist

The style and function behind this dining room is perfection. What makes it work? Here’s our room recipe to show you how.

We love … function in disguise


Sandstone dividing wall

Walter Knoll ‘Seito’ table

Eames ‘Black Eiffel’ chairs in Santos Palisander

Cowhide rug

Samsung LED Mirror TV


1. Start with a light-toned terrazzo floor with beige highlights. 

2. Introduce texture and warmth with a hand-cut sandstone dividing wall. 

3. Balance the strong graphic lines in the room with a soft natural cowhide rug in beige and white. 

4. Add a modern classic touch with a white quartz Walter Knoll ‘Sato table.

5. Work in Eames moulded-wood ‘Black Eiffel’ chairs with leather seating pads in Santos Palisander.

6. Combine your luxe look with a pinch of genius with a mirror on the sandstone wall that is actually a television. 

7. Heighten the mirror effect with a custom frame.


Led Mirror TV and custom frame, Sydney Picture Frames

Walter Knoll ‘Seito’ table from Living Edge

Eames ‘Black Eiffel’ chairs in Santos Palisander from Living Edge

Beige cowhide from Zanui 

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