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This tree hotel is the ultimate Scandi space

Unparalleled panoramic views and an interior inspired by nature make this hotel a total show-stopper
Johan Jansson

Tucked away in a Norwegian forest you find Treehotels, a futuristic accommodation concept comprising of seven stilted cabins. While each cabin is totally unique following different themes, all seven reflect and celebrate the natural beauty that surrounds them.  

We take a closer look at The 7th Room which was designed and built in 2016. A minimalist and typically Scandinavian approach was taken which is visible in the soft, cream palette and simple yet striking furniture. 

(Credit: Johan Jansson)

With glass walls, natural light floods the space and offers stunning views that make the Northern Lights a spectacular sight. It also makes the transition from indoors to outdoors seamless.

(Credit: Johan Jansson )
(Credit: Johan Jansson )

Nestled high above the treetops, for an uninterrupted view, the underside of the studio has a print of what the view would be like from the ground if the room wasn’t there.

A picture of the view is printed on the underside of the room (Credit: Johan Jansson )

And our favourite part is the large net that acts as a courtyard between the two bedrooms, offering both a viewing platform and a spot to rest or read a book.

(Credit: Johan Jansson )
(Credit: Johan Jansson )

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