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Three trends making a welcome comeback in 2017

At Home Beautiful, we’re firm believers that what’s old can be new again, and again, and again!

We’re reviving trends we love and just can’t get enough of! Here are our favourite retro styles that are making a comeback in 2017.

Salmon pink bathrooms

White is out, pink is in. At the peak of their popularity, it is estimated that almost 5 million pink bathrooms were installed in the US after World War II, due to the influence of first lady Mamie Eisenhower.

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Wallpapered ceilings

Walls seem to get all the love these days, but wallpapered ceilings are the real ticket to brightening up a space and injecting colour and personality. A bright kaleidoscope of colours with fresh white walls and minimal accessories are the key to making this trend work.

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Avocado kitchens

Avocados are one of nature’s greatest foods and we’re thrilled to see avocado-coloured features in kitchens again. The subdued green palette works well with honey-toned wood and pops of white.

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PS Happy April Fools’ Day to all our lovely readers! 

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