Dining Room Ideas

Top tips for stunning tabletops

Here's how to create an exquisite entertaining space for everyone to enjoy
Prue Ruscoe

Plate decor

Your meal setting is what people see first, so arrange with care and add a personal touch if possible. Layer your plates and cutlery together with a beautiful linen napkin and add a decorative element on top. Guests will see that you’ve put in an effort and they will immediately feel special.

(Credit: John Paul Urizar)


Use a limited colour palette. “This is the key to creating a cohesive space,” says designer Shannon Fricke, who tends to stick to a palette of three main colours, with tonal variety and pattern adding interest.

(Credit: Prue Ruscoe)

Table scene

Set your table from the centre. Have a series of floral arrangements as a centre point, then build the table outwards from there. Use a mix of low vases, votive candles, crystals and ceramics to amp up the glamour quotient. 

(Credit: Prue Ruscoe)


Focus on lighting. Hanging glass lanterns create a simple frame for the scene and make guests feel like they’re held within a space, which lets them relax and feel comfortable. Always use candles – and a lot of them! 

(Credit: John Paul Urizar)


When you are entertaining, it’s all about connection. The whole idea is to bring people together and create conversation points. When making centrepieces, don’t build them too high or you’ll create a barrier.

(Credit: Nicky Ryan)

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